About Us–an unusual start

Our story begins with a piece of land that we purchased in northern Mississippi. It had been clear cut and was left with tree stumps and logs left over from the process.

We took several years and cleared the old logs and preserved the beautiful pine trees that were left behind.

We discovered several old log cabins in the area that were abandoned and falling apart. We took the cabins apart log by log, moved them to the property and reassembled them exactly as they once stood over 150 years ago. The cabins and property are now the home of the YesterYear Lodge in Holly Springs Mississippi.

After spending several years working on our project, we developed a special affinity toward the customs, traditions and products that were used by the settlers of the 19th century.

The ingenuity and resourcefulness of these early settlers was compelling. We are now forging ahead with bringing some of these traditions and all natural products to the general public today.

We begin with soap.

The soap making process was a lengthy endeavor that required the soap maker to plan far in advance before any soap could actually be made.

Unlike present day soap makers, the early settlers had to first create some of their soap making ingredients. Once they had their ingredients, they could begin the soap making process. The lye solution was placed in a large kettle with the cleaned fat and boiled for hours until it became thick and frothy.

The success of early soap making was dependent on obtaining the correct balance between the lye and the fats. The process did not involve precise measuring and it sometimes required several attempts before a suitable batch was made.
Over the years, the process was refined and eventually was made by local ‘soap makers’ selling their products in stores. They were all handmade and used natural fragrant products.
We now offer you the same type of soap made over 100 years ago

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