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Feb 12

What’s All The Buzz about ‘African Black Soap’?

The latest trend in the natural soap community is African Black Soap. Known as Anago soap, Alata Simena or Dudu-Osun by Africans, this naturally mild soap is made from roasted cocoa pods and plantain skin ashes mixed with palm oil. A natural source of vitamins A and E as well as iron, African Black Soap is recommended for anyone with sensitive skin.
African Black Soap is also known for its excellent antiseptic properties and is very often used to treat acne, blemishes, oily skin and other skin problems. Because it cuts through oil so easily, it is also great for removing make-up. Unlike many antiseptic soaps, African Black Soap is also has superior moisturizing properties and is very effective in preventing wrinkles and facial lines and leaves the skin feeling and looking radiant, fresh, and healthy.

According to Dr. Oz of the popular Dr. Oz Show:
“Dryness is a common issue with skin, especially in colder climates. Facial dryness can make your skin look dull, which makes you look older. Kristy said that she had dry skin and wanted hers to look more hydrated. She drank a lot of water, but her skin was still dry.
African Black Soap. This product is made from plantain skins and is common in Ghana. It is a natural source of vitamin A, D and also contains fats to help soothe the skin. Use this product every few days. Purchase this product at health stores.”

All natural African black soap is made from dried plantain skins, palm leaves, cocoa pod powder, and kernel oil for an all-natural cleansing process. Plantains skins are largely what make this black soap so effective. When black soap is made, the skin of the plantain is dried. The mixture is heated and the heat must be constant in order to achieve the perfect brownish black color, texture & smell. Afterwards, cocoa pod powder is added. Cocoa pod is the shell of the cocoa fruit and also has natural healing properties.

We have a 4 bar gift set if you are interested in giving Black Soap a try. It comes on an all natural wood soap tray which is easy to clean and keeps your bar lasting longer. Click here to take a look.

Jan 12

What’s New? Our Mini-Loaf of Soap

Here is a simple and inexpensive all natural gift that anyone would enjoy. We have taken a slice of Lavender soap, cut it into 4 bars and offer it on an all natural wooden soap dish.
The soap dish is detatchable for easy draining and cleaning.

You can see our complete line of soap products and gifts at YesterYear Soap.com

Jan 12

A Birthday Gift Idea

What better way to say ‘Happy Birthday’ than with a unique gift that says ‘I care about you’?
Our Lavender loaf of all natural soap comes with a bamboo cutting board, ‘krinkle’ soap cutter and birthday party favors. More (+)
Give a gift that is both healthy and practical. Our soap cuts very easily and with a full loaf you can cut as little or as much as you need.Our exclusive lavender blend has the aroma of fresh picked lavender flowers.

Shop for it now at Abe’s Market online. Only $3.99 shipping.

Dec 11

Last Minute Gift That Will Make Them SMILE!

The soap artisans at YesterYear Soap Company craft every one of their all-natural soaps by hand, inspired by simple soap-making processes and recipes from more than 100 years ago. Not a chemical, dye, preservative, or detergent goes into the gentle, moisturizing soap, artistically swirled with natural color and softly scented with essential oils and aroma components found in nature. Rachael Ray and Weight Watchers magazine both suggest the vintage-looking soaps as a creative hostess present, which also come in handy for washing out hands after swear-riddled games of charades.


Why YesterYear Soap?
- Handcrafted in America
- Used by everyone – every day
- A great gift for any occasion
- Healthy- no harsh chemicals like those found in commercial soap
- Unique; show them that you gave your gift some thought!
- Naturally fragrant- makes any room smell fresh and clean

Be sure to visit our website for more information

Dec 11

Our Products in EcoBold

We are proud to carry our products on the Eco-Bold web store.

From their store site:

Who’s Ecobold

We’re a bunch of dudes and dudettes that really, really, REALLY care for Mamma Earth and your health, we are seeing things change right before our eyes and we need to make a difference NOW…or else…soon we’ll have to start shipping air conditioners to Alaska. Today not only are products being made with several toxic ingredients that end up in our body, but they also end up depleting our one and only home: Earth. Droughts, storms, ice caps disappearing right before our eyes, carbon dioxide rates increasing, forests being depleted, kids being intoxicated with lead, we can go on and on and on. Our goal is to simply change the way products are made, so that they’re safe for you and for our environment after we dispose of them. We believe that if we unite together we can make change happen. By demanding sustainable, non-toxic, natural, recyclable products from companies, and voting with our dollar, other companies will eventually start to listen, we just hope that sooner rather than later…

What does Ecobold Approved mean?

We want you and your family to live a less toxic life, we read all the ingredients so you don’t have to. Every product at Ecobold has been approved by our high standards and you can search by what’s most important to you, be it an 100% natural item, or a biodegradable one, or an organic item. We also want you to be able to buy earth-friendly products at the best possible price, so we highlight all companies that are willing to give you a discount on their products. Ecobold is your trusted source for the safest household items.

Visit them at: Ecobold.com

Dec 11

As Featured in ‘Every Day with Rachael Ray’

The #1 Hostess Gift for this Holiday Season

This is a loaf of our soap with a cutter and cutting board. The soap cuts easily and best of all you just cut off what you need. Our fragrant soap lasts for months. This is an ideal addition to your guest bath; your guests will always have a fresh bar of soap!

Shop here at YesterYearSoap.com

Nov 11

We’re Making the Rounds!

We have been selected as the ‘Hostess Holiday Gift’ suggestion in the December edition of ‘Every Day With Rachael Ray’

Also, the online editon of Weight Watchers has suggested our ‘Loaf of Soap’ with cutter and cutting board in their ‘Pampered Gift’ selection.