WIN a loaf of YesterYear Soap with a Cutter & Cutting Board


This is a great addition to the guest bath. You wouldn’t give your guests a dirty towel so why offer them a used bar of soap? Your visitors can cut their own bar of fresh, all natural handcrafted soap.

The loaf is our fragrant Lilac; one of our most popular blends. Our soap cuts very easily and with a full loaf you can cut as little or as much as you need.

This blend is for those who like their florals on the clean, fresh side of flirtatious. A solid lilac fragrance with a note of wisteria.

This is a creamy, lathery skin loving soap. It has a light lilac scent — a lovely fragrance that is floral and sweet without feeling overpowering. The scent will linger on your skin in just the right amount.

With a handsome thick beechwood board, this makes for the perfect cutting surface for your cutting your soap to any size you choose. It comes with a replaceable stainless steel cutting wire which is warranted against breakage. The cutter also has rubber ‘feet’ to protect counter tops and prevent slippage.

You can purchase this product from our online store.

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