August, 2012

Aug 12

Our Mission

Soap with a Mission

We don’t just make soap. We are on a mission to make our customers healthier and our planet just a little greener. But most important, we want to share our great products with those that can use it more than anyone- family charitable organizations. Women’s shelters face staffing cuts, budget cuts and rising costs. We want to bring awareness to what just a little bit from a lot of businesses can do to make a difference to a person that is going through a very difficult time in their lives.
We make regular donations of our premium soap to organizations that can bring a smile to someone, if only for a minute.

Our Goal: We’re committed to healthy soap, healthy people, a healthy planet and healthy business.
Healthy Product:. We will craft all of our soap products using all natural ingredients that are safe to skin and body
Healthy people. We will enhance the health and well-being of our consumers, collegues and charities.
Healthy planet. We will help protect and restore the planet and promote only products that do the same.

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Aug 12

Bloggers! We Want Your Opinion

We are looking for family friendly bloggers to do a review of our all natural soap and give us your feedback on our soon to be released ‘Soap to Go’.

Our ‘Soap to Go’ are small individual packets of all natural, single use handcrafted soap that you can carry with you. Perfect for those on the go that don’t want to use commercially produced, chemically laden soaps found in public places.
Unlike the soap found in restrooms, our soap contains:
NO Preservatives
NO Animal Products
NO Petroleum Products
NO Parabens
NO Lauryl Sulfate

Our ‘Soap to Go’ comes in a wide variety of fragrances such as Lavender, Green Tea Mint & Honeysuckle in packs of 12. They leave your hands smelling fresh and chemical free.

If you are interested in receiving a bar of our all natural soap plus a packet of ‘Soap to Go’ to try for yourself or share with family and friends, simply leave a comment below with the name of your blog.

If you would like to reveiw a particular fragrance of our soap, go to and note which one you would like to review. (sorry, no ‘giveaway’ with this review).

We will email you for mailing instructions. Note: we can only ship to US addresses.

Be sure to join our affiliate program to start earning 20% commissions on every sale referred from your blog!

Aug 12

MOMS! The kids will LOVE bath time now!

Introducing our ‘Triple Chocolate Sundae’ soap.

What kid doesn’t like chocolate (or adults for that matter).

The loaf is our fragrant ‘chocolate’ that comes with a soap cutter and a bamboo cutting board. You can cut as little or as much as you need. No need to waste soap anymore.

This loaf was blended with children in mind. It is mild, all natural and has a fragrance that the kids will love. But the great thing about our ‘chocolate’ soap is the fact that the fragrance doesn’t linger on your skin. Plus, it is great for sensative skin.

The rectangular bamboo cutting board is harder than maple and denser than wood, giving you a more cut resistant surface and less bacteria build-up. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. In fact, certain types of bamboo can grow up to 8 feet per day. This astounding growth is because bamboo is a grass – not a tree. When harvested, up to 1/3 of the bamboo will fully grow back within one year. This makes bamboo an excellent alternative to hardwoods

All natural ingredients including: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Hemp Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Water.

Our soap contains:
NO Preservatives!
NO Animal Products!
NO Petroleum Products!
NO Parabens!
NO Lauryl Sulfate!

The loaf weighs about 20oz and is approx 6″ long.

Plus: We will send 3 free samples of other fragrant soap with your order.



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Aug 12

WIN a loaf of YesterYear Soap with a Cutter & Cutting Board


This is a great addition to the guest bath. You wouldn’t give your guests a dirty towel so why offer them a used bar of soap? Your visitors can cut their own bar of fresh, all natural handcrafted soap.

The loaf is our fragrant Lilac; one of our most popular blends. Our soap cuts very easily and with a full loaf you can cut as little or as much as you need.

This blend is for those who like their florals on the clean, fresh side of flirtatious. A solid lilac fragrance with a note of wisteria.

This is a creamy, lathery skin loving soap. It has a light lilac scent — a lovely fragrance that is floral and sweet without feeling overpowering. The scent will linger on your skin in just the right amount.

With a handsome thick beechwood board, this makes for the perfect cutting surface for your cutting your soap to any size you choose. It comes with a replaceable stainless steel cutting wire which is warranted against breakage. The cutter also has rubber ‘feet’ to protect counter tops and prevent slippage.

You can purchase this product from our online store.