Spring is Right Around the Corner (for us at least!)

What do you think?
We are busy lining up our new fragrances of our YesterYear Soap for our spring line. In order to keep our soap fresh and interesting, we are always experimenting with new fragrance mixtures. Here are some of the ones we are currently working on.

Red Apple Tango
Red bar with white swirl
Red Apple fragrance with a twist
Fragrance strength: medium

Who doesn’t like the smell of a freshly cut red apple? We have captured the sweet bouquet of orchard fresh apples with a slight twist. You bathroom will have a hint of apples bringing in a fresh outdoor aroma.
This will be a great ‘pick me up’ for that spring time shower and we are sure the kids will love it!

Pink & Yellow bar
Nice fresh Honey fragrance
Fragrance strength: medium

A honeysuckle plant is most desired for its sweetly scented flowers.Its beautiful blooms appear in early spring and will last until long into the summer months. We have captured the fresh aroma of this spring flower to brighten up your shower.

Cucumber Melon
Green bar
Nice fresh Cucumber fragrance
Fragrance strength: medium

We want to bring the fragrance of a garden into your home. Crisp, clean, and clear with the unbelievably sweet edge of a ripe cucumber, this great scent finally has been captured in our YesterYear Soap ‘cucumber melon’ soap.

What do you think? Which one would you like to try? Leave your comment below and let us know!

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29 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh, they all sound amazing!! I love the colors of all three, and the scents sound like they would smell delicious! I think my favorite of the three is the Red Apple Tango. The swirly colors are beautiful and I’m dying to smell it! Good luck with all three of them:)

  2. Those all look amazing!

  3. Danielle Williams

    I have never been a fan of Cucumber Melon but I would LOVE to try the Red Apple Tango

  4. I would love Cucumber Melon! I love that scent.

  5. honeysuckle sounds yummy!

  6. Cucumber Melon is a fac of mine.

  7. Cannot wait to try the Honeysuckle — Pink & Yellow bar

  8. wow I love your site I am always looking for hand made soaps to cool!

  9. I love handmade soaps and yours look beautiful!

  10. I’d love to win in a giveaway.

  11. Spring has pretty much been here since December (well with a few weeks of on/off cold weather) here in FL. haha. But that red apple tango soap sounds like it will smell delicious and would probably taste delicious too :D

  12. Tough choice because they all sound wonderful. But I think I’d go with the Red Apple Tango.

  13. Oh wow … they are all so lovely and I think you’ve totally captured spring with the scents you’ve chosen. I think the Red Apply Tango would be my first choice … it’s just beautiful and the scent would be amazing! :-)

  14. Whitney McQuarry

    hmm. When I hear ‘Apple’ I think of the fall. But I would love to try the honeysuckle :)

    Thanks for the giveaway with @Whatmommywants

  15. this is great WhatMommyWants

  16. I am tempted by all three! <3

    Could you include jasmine and pomegranate into your assortment? I recently fell in love with those two!

  17. Honeysuckle is one of my favorite scents!

  18. Krystal Ramirez

    I would love to try the Red Apple Tango!!! Cant wait for spring!!!

  19. Kendra Gillilan

    that honeysuckle soap looks awesome!

  20. The honeysuckle bar sounds wonderful.

  21. The honeysuckle is really pretty, but I think I would like to try the Red Apple Tango. It sounds refreshing. The Honeysuckle sounds pretty nice as well. I’m afraid I’ve never liked the smell of cucumber melon.

  22. Ah, I love Spring! These scents sound wonderful! I love Honeysuckle.

  23. Cucumber Melon sounds fabulous!

  24. Good to know this
    honeysuckle sounds yummy!

  25. They all sound wonderful, but I would most like to try the Cucumber Melon!

  26. looks awesome

  27. Honeysuckle, please! :) I can’t WAIT to try that one!!

  28. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith)

    I would like to try the Honeysuckle