What’s New? Our Mini-Loaf of Soap

Here is a simple and inexpensive all natural gift that anyone would enjoy. We have taken a slice of Lavender soap, cut it into 4 bars and offer it on an all natural wooden soap dish.
The soap dish is detatchable for easy draining and cleaning.

You can see our complete line of soap products and gifts at YesterYear Soap.com

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9 Responses

  1. I love the look! Its simple and clean!

  2. How unique. I LOVE homemade soaps, I’ll be your guinea pig any time to test them out!

  3. You do such pretty packaging and I love the advertising photos I’ve seen so far. Beautiful! If your soaps smell as good as your advertising looks you are going to knock every soap manufacturer off the shelves!

  4. I love it! It would make a great house warming gift.

  5. Wow, your soaps look divine:) and absolutely beautiful!

  6. Now, That’s something I’d love to try.

  7. I love lavender and the packaging is so cute!!

  8. I LOVE this! It really is beautiful.

  9. I think they’re really pretty and I bet they smell great, I’d love to try it!