Our Story

Making soap in the 1800's

I started a small business, the YesterYear Soap Company, just few months ago from my home.

I have no prior business experience and have spent the better part of my life raising two children the younger of the two is about to graduate from college in May. My husband is an airline pilot and is often away from home several days a week. With the nest empty, I wanted to do something that would be rewarding and enjoyable.

Why the soap business?

I wanted a business that could be done out of the home and did not involve a complicated inventory system or a large investment. I also wanted to get involved in a product that was healthy, could be sold online and in small mom and pop stores.

Why the name YesterYear Soap Company?

Our story begins with a piece of land that we purchased in northern Mississippi. It had been clear cut and was left with tree stumps and logs left over from the process.

We took several years and cleared the old logs and preserved the beautiful pine trees that were left behind.

We discovered several old log cabins in the area that were abandoned and falling apart. We took the cabins apart log by log, moved them to the property and reassembled them exactly as they once stood over 150 years ago. The cabins and property are now the home of the YesterYear Lodge in Holly Springs Mississippi.

After spending several years working on our project, we developed a special affinity toward the customs, traditions and products that were used by the settlers of the 19th century.

The ingenuity and resourcefulness of these early settlers was compelling. The soap we market is an all natural product similar to the same products produced by these early settlers.

Early soap making

I invite my visitors to follow along, make suggestions, learn from my mistakes and most importantly enjoy!

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